The First Lego School in Billund, Denmark

Every Kids Dream has been fulfilled with this newly built “LEGO school” which will open in August. This newly refurbished building in Billund, Denmark will reportedly combine the Danish school system with the international baccalaureate (IB) and LEGO’s  importance of creativity and play. This will be centered around  “inquiry-based learning,” basically the idea that children are motivated to generate their own questions. Looks like the students creation will be emphasis over at Lego School, and this will play a major role in our ever-growing world.

The School will be opened for kids at the age of three to seven years old in August. Students over the age of 16 will be invited to join this program in 2015. The intake will be 50% Danish and 50 % international. The School will be subsidized with the government paying two-thirds of fees and parents covering the remaining third. So it’s looking like it will be about $520 USD a month. You can find out more information by checking out the in-depth article at The Guardian.


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