The Benefit of a Friend.. With Benefits


The Benefit of a Friend.. With Benefits


For those of you who don’t know what the term “friend with benefits” means, grow up. We’ve all seen the movies. It’s the newest, convenient way to enjoy all the perks of lover, without the love, commitment, or hassle. However, nothing in life is ever as easy as it seems.

A friend with benefits is simply a friend that allows you to enjoy the pleasurable (sexual) benefits that one would receive in a relationship. Just like with any arrangement, there are rules.

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  • ebog

    I have every desire to have a friend like that. There is no line between love and you. I think it could be great. No binding, very casual carefree. But I really saw something strange and difficult to accept. So greedy man, who knows that when you have a planet like I want to keep it up forever