Music Video: ReQ Cartier – Summers Eve

Summers Eve by ReQ Cartier will make any student going back to school reminisce on the first day of summer. This chill vibe track shows a perspective of ReQ Cartier life. Check out the video above and see what ReQ Cartier had to say about it himself.

“A lot of things catch my attention. But honestly, besides money or food, Women & Drugs are two things I’ve always been fascinated with. Women are everything. We all come from a woman’s stomach & most men spend their life trying to find that perfect woman. I’m not a hardcore druggy or anything. But I have tried marijuana, molly & my share of the “fancy” prescription drugs. 

I wrote this song “Summers Eve” to open up people’s mind. Each verse describes a different drug. But instead of just bluntly talking about the drugs, I’ve put the drugs into the form of 3 different females. 

This is such a relaxing piece of work. Play this under the influence and you won’t be disappointed.”

Music Video: ReQ Cartier – Summers Eve

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