Kidaruto Paintings Damages Marc Jacobs Store

Super problem child of unidentified graffiti artists of France is Kidaruto (KIDULT). So far have vandalized  Christian Louboutin , Hermes , Louis Vuitton , Supreme , Maison Martin Margiela , Celine , Agnes B and more. Marc Jacobs was the most recent victim of Kidaruto (MARC JACOBS). His store in Paris was the target. Damage of this time in the second time, painted with “$ 686″ in neon green color of the window.  Kidaruto was angered at the counterattack of Marc Jacobs, it appears to have wanted to get back to the mark in the graffiti art by wrote “$ 686″ this time.


Paint Kidaruto can be checked from the official site Here: Kidaruto


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