Drake Continues to Praise His Victory in Two New Songs

Drake unbroken himself busy for abundant of 2013 by celebrating his arrival at the highest of the hip-hop world. it absolutely was the year his humble brags became brags: He started from the lowest, however currently he’s here SaveFrom.net, and currently he’s simply flexing.

With solely 2 days left within the year, he’s capping it off by spiking the soccer 2 last times. Over the weekend, he shared “We created It,” a “freestyle” with Soulja Boy whose tossed-off nature most likely won’t stop individuals from quoting it in their own end-zone celebrations.

And currently this morning he denote “Trophies,” the higher of the 2 tracks and a worthy finish to his year. (A snip leaked yesterday, and this official version was denote on the October’s terribly Own SoundCloud this morning.)

 “This shit isn’t a love song/ This a … pop some fuckin’ champagne within the tub song,” Drake spouts on the chorus, over the Hit-Boy-produced beat. Like “We created It,” the song is constructed around associate “All of the Lights SaveFrom.net”-style horn loop, this one transferral to mind the Rocky theme SaveFrom.net the maximum amount as something. you’ll imagine Drake sees himself atop those Rocky Steps, taking one last probability to throw his arms up.

Drake Continues to Praise His Victory in Two New Songs

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